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    PARmetric System

    Inspired by Dave Phillips and the crew at the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®, we are becoming more critical of everything in our lives (not just stats). Today, we grade our own CEO, Mark Allen. Good luck, Mark!


    Housing Value Index (HVI)

    Welcome to Metric Monday, where we spotlight a housing market metric that we report on for hundreds of markets. In this edition, we’ll shed light on Housing Value Index (HVI). The What: The HVI is a calculated measure that showcases home values and changes in home values (or prices) in a way that adjusts and accounts for a changing marketplace. … [read more]


    Real Estate Connect SF

    10K Research and Marketing will be at Real Estate Connect next week, July 16–18. Greg Sax will be representing your favorite company at the annual Inman News fête this year. He will be taking in all the information he can handle in that goofy head of his and bringing it back to the homestead for sharing, preferably in digital format. If … [read more]

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